Carpet Can’t be Ignored

You may remember that toilets need to be cleaned regularly and the trash must be down by the curb every Tuesday, but what about your carpets? Few people realize just how truly filthy carpets become without professional Tampa carpet cleaning on a regular basis. You can vacuum twice a day, but it still isn’t enough.


It sounds unpleasant, and it is. Carpets are favorite breeding grounds for mold and other fungi that enjoy the carpet’s warmth. Mold harms children with sensitive skin and causes allergies in addition to contributing to a very unpleasant indoor odor. Regular carpet cleaning discourages the growth of mold to create a safer environment.

Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that indoor air quality can actually be up to ten times worse than outdoor air quality? This is especially likely if carpets are not professionally steam cleaned on a regular basis. Carpets inadvertently act like filters, just like the ones found in your HVAC system, because they trap soils, food particles, pollen, pet fibers, and other contaminants that vacuuming can’t always collect.

The health of a room’s carpet determines the air quality of that room, something that is just as important in residential homes as it is in businesses, office buildings, and commercial complexes. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned by a Tampa office cleaning company every six months to minimize the potential of biologically-induced illness, allergies, asthma, and other health issues that result from dirty carpet.  

Appearance and Quality

While carpet cleaning is definitely critical to maintain healthy indoor air quality, it’s also a vital step to maintain the integrity of the carpet’s appearance and structure. When dust, dirt, and pollutants make themselves comfortable in carpet fibers, they wear down and rip the fibers.

Steam cleaning also eliminates any nasty smells that are incubating in dirty carpets, especially if pets are present. Just one hour of professional attention can completely transform an entire space!

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