Removing Stubborn Asphalt Stains

asphalt staining removalWhether it’s your carpet, your couch, or your clothes, stains are always frustrating. You probably have stain remover handy no matter where you go, especially if you have kids. Spaghetti sauce on a white shirt? No problem. Fruit punch on the family room carpet? Not an issue. But what about stains on your asphalt driveway? Below are some tips on removing them from Jireh Construction Services in Seattle, Washington.

Cleaning asphalt is an entirely different ballgame and requires a varied set of cleaning agents to get the job done.

Before you do anything else, rinse the stained area well with water to wash debris, dirt, and any other residue. Whatever you use to remove the stain will work more efficiently when it doesn’t also have to fight its way through a layer of grime.

Next, pick your cleaner. If you want to use items on hand, then dish soap, vinegar, or even laundry detergent could work. You will need a stiff-bristled brush to effectively work the cleaning agent into the stain. Scrub, rinse, and repeat a few times if the stain isn’t feeling entirely cooperative.

If you are able to catch the stain when it has just spilled, you have some other options as well. Sop up as much of the liquid or oil as possible, then spread cat litter over the location of the spill. Cat litter is a great choice because you can push it down into every little crack and crevice. Let it sit for a few hours, or overnight for best results, and then sweep up. One more spray from a hose and your asphalt should be back to normal.

Another option is Coca Cola. It’s not just a refreshing drink, folks. Coke is known as a cleaning product because it works better than some detergents. Use the same method as you would with cat litter, but pour a few cans of Coke over the stain instead. Let it sit and wash it off in the morning.

Who said stain removal had to be stressful? It definitely doesn’t!

For more help, visit Jireh Construction for their professional sealcoating and asphalt services.

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