Tricks to Keep Upholstery Clean

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Upholstery like couches and love seats aren’t the easiest things in the world to clean. You can’t exactly stick your couch cushions in the washer and dryer, so what happens when your pets and children transform your favorite soda into a sticky, colorful mess?

Be Proactive

The first step to cleaning your office furniture is to prevent the damage from happening in the first place! Vacuum your furniture once a week, wipe it down with a cloth if possible, and rotate and flip cushions to keep them lasting longer.

Handle Urgent Issues

Spills are inevitable, especially if you have children and pets in the house. While it’s ideal not to be drinking Fruit Punch on a white couch, accidents certainly happen. Use a clean, white towel to blot at any spills. Soak up as much liquid as possible to limit the damage. The term “blot” is actually important because you need to soak up the liquid without rubbing it into the fabric and cushions.

If your furniture came with a designated spot cleaning treatment, go ahead and use that on the stain. Otherwise, dilute vinegar in a great deal of water and blot a small amount of the solution onto the stain. Remember that less is more, and blot away until the stain disappears.

Deep Cleaning

Even the very best prevention and spot cleaning eventually surrenders to the need for a thorough deep cleaning. A professional cleaner like Royal Building Maintenance is the best person to turn to for this need. The experts have the best tools and cleaners to deep-clean your furniture and make it smell like new again.

For commercial cleaning entities rather than residential properties, many cleaning companies offer upholstery cleaning as part of their packages. This is often handy for medical offices, libraries, malls, or other locations with common couches. This is important not only for spills, but for germs that can burrow into fabrics unnoticed. A professional cleaning company can solve it all.

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